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Amarillo Bulls worried about not being able to practice for their upcoming season

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Amarillo, TX - Last week's flooding incident left the Amarillo Bulls feeling unsure of their hockey season.

General Manager of the team, Rick Matchett says it's scary not knowing what will happen.

When officials for the team first heard about the flooded facility, they were hoping there stuff wasn't badly affected. "We have coaches offices, our locker room are down below and of course that is where we play all of our 28 home hockey games as well. It's a very critical place for us," said Matchett.

But after seeing the damage first hand, they know they did not escape unscathed. "The training beds, a lot of hockey jerseys, and a lot of gloves were just some of the things that were ruined," said Matchett.

Even some of the sentimental items were lost. "Pictures of our teams over the last four years of being here, those were ruined. It's hard to replace those," said Matchett.

Even more worrying, the status of the machine used to create the ice rink, a requirement for ice hockey, remains unknown...putting the team's practice schedule at risk. "Hopefully here very soon, i'm have meetings with the civic center as well as people with the city," said Matchett.

But General Manger for the Civic Center, Sherman Bass does not know when things will back to normal at the facility. "We hope to have that time line soon," said Bass.