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Justices rule in favor of Hobby Lobby on contraception mandate

Amarillo, TX - Monday, The Supreme Court ruled certain for-profit businesses can cite religious objections in order to opt out of a requirement to provide free contraceptive coverage for their employees.

The 5 to 4 decision ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and one other company, this means they will no longer have to provide certain types of contraceptives because of the companies religious views.

We spoke with a local attorney, Matt Sherwood, at Underwood Attorneys at Law about how this could affect businesses in the The Panhandle. "Any businesses around here that is at least a medium size business with several employees, you have a family that owns it or at least 3, 4, or 5 shareholders that own everything and you have more than 50 employees then that is where it could have some affect in the area."

Now this will also only cover 4 types of contraceptives for companies to opt out of covering for their employees.

"Any type of contraception that is approved by the FDA that has the potential to prevent an already fertilized egg from going further ... Anything that is just supposed to prevent you from getting pregnant in the first place that is not affected by the opinion."

But Sherwood says this could open the door for corporations to use other kinds of religious freedoms as a reason to opt out of providing more coverage and it can also go beyond the corporate world.

"I wouldn't doubt if you see corporations using this to change a few things ... and then outside the corporations context, just with the act that they used ... a kind of a hot topic these days is immunizations of children and how parents might try to use that with their kids."

A company will have to prove that they truly have a religious objection to providing certain contraceptives to their employees before they can opt out.
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