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Abused and neglected children find comfort in non-profit

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Amarillo, TX - Abused and neglected children are provided comfort from an Amarillo non-profit program.

Children and families in crisis situations are being offered a sense of security from Amarillo Community Partners Rainbow Room.

The program assists children of Potter and Randall counties to provide living necessities at a moments notice.

Families and children in these situations are in need of car seats, cribs, clothing, diapers, wipes and toys.

Stephanie Swindell, Community Partners Coordinator, said sometimes case workers will have to remove children from their homes in the middle of the night because of a domestic violence, or other threatening situation.

Families may leave with nothing but clothes on their back.

Swindell said these families need help reestablishing their lives and feeling a sense of comfort.

The rainbow room said the comfort of holding a stuffed animal or blanket can help calm children and give them a feeling of security.

 Because none of these items are provided by the state, the Rainbow Room relies on local church collections and fundraisers to help them with these donations.

The program provides only brand new items to children rather than used because most of the children have never been given new toys or clothing.