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Illnesses from pools and hot tubs on the rise

Amarillo, TX - This summer before you hit the pool, you may want to make sure it is sanitary.

Illnesses from pools and hot tubs are on the rise according to the centers for disease control and prevention.

Pool chemicals can kill most germs within minutes, but some can live for days.

A local pediatrician, Mariada George, shared with us what the most common pool related illnesses are.

"The most common is diarrhea, it comes from  bacteria that is usually found in feces, you can get skin infections, ear infections and those sort of things."

A recent study from the CDC shows that feces is frequently introduced into pool water by swimmers. 

Dr. George says this is the number one reason for pool related illnesses. 

Shannon Martin with Texas Blue Lake Pools says it is very important you regularly treat a pool to make sure it is sanitary. 

"If you keep your chlorine levels between 1.0 and 3.0 it is killing bacteria all the time, but if it is below 1.0 it can start growing bacteria right away." 

When it comes to public pools The City of Amarillo says they have a process of making sure the water is safe for everyone who wants to swim.

"On average we do a super or hyper chlorination once a week, where we close down our pools to make sure they are good for swimming from a maintenance perspective"

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