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Swisher County Sheriff is under investigation after accused misconduct

Tulia, TX - An incident in Tulia involving the Swisher County sheriff accused of misconduct is under investigation.

The incident started over the weekend and it was caught on tape. But most of the incident that wasn't caught on tape is also being investigated.

Tulia police say 23-year old Lawrence Draine and his friend Tiffany Smith were being followed by a man, Billy Britten. According to the Tulia police chief Jeffrey Yarbrough, Britten then followed Draine at several stops, including a mechanic shop and a gas station.

The two met at Rip Griffin Truck Stop off I-27 near Tulia where Draine asked why Britten was following him. Police say that's when Britten pulled out a gun and called the sheriff. The county sheriff then arrived at Rip Griffin and told Britten to go home, but asked Draine to see his drivers license."When the sheriff arrived on scene, Mr. Draine and Miss. Smith attempted to explain the situation to the sheriff. And at that time, he informed Mr. Draine and Miss Smith apparently to be quite," said Yarbrough.

Yarbrough also says Draine asked why Britten was allowed to leave and the sheriff put him in handcuffs. Smith used her phone to record Sheriff Wells slamming Draine to the ground after he was already in handcuffs. Draine was arrested for failure to display his drivers license and resisting arrest.

"Mr. Draine from my understanding was released on a pr bond on each of the charges that were filed against him," said Yarbrough.But the entire incident, on and off camera are still under investigation.

The Tulia Police Department is gathering information and presenting it to the county attorney. It will be up to the county attorney if the Texas Rangers will need to get involved.
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