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Amarillo's water usage well below average due to rain

So far, the official start to summer has been a wet one. With all this rain, Amarillo's water usage is down.

Inches of rain can equal millions of gallons of water saved for the city each day, something Director of Utilities Emmett Autrey is well aware of.

"If we finish out the way June is looking right now, this will be the least amount of water we've used in June is at least 6 years, if not more," Autrey said.

In fact, the average 41 million gallons used per day this year in June, is far less than the past average of 67 million. And while 41 million gallons a day may still seem like a lot, consider this... "30 million gallons a day is typical for a winter day in which there is hardly any outside watering taking place," Autrey said.

It's a direct correlation he says can be easily explained. "More people are turning their sprinkler off whenever it rains. They have to be, or we wouldn't be able to get that water usage down that low," Autrey said.

But, what happens when you are unaware that your sprinklers are going off in the rain? Some landscapers suggest using a rain sensor. The small device can be screwed on to a fence or a roof where it will monitor the amount of rain that falls in the area."When you get a certain amount of rain, it will keep your system from coming on," Randy Hartman, at Krause Landscaping, told us.

But if your system was installed after 2009, you may not even need to worry about it. "The state actually requires you to install a rain sensor on your systems," Hartman said.

While our water usage is below average for now, with the typically hot months of July and August just around the corner, it's still important to keep one thing in mind. "We are continuing to push for conservation even though the water usage is down," Autrey told us.
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