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Relatives of victim want 'Bernie' back in prison

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Dallas, TX - The relatives of the widow murdered by an East Texas man later depicted in the movie "Bernie" have filed their objections to the man's early release.

Bernie Tiede was convicted in 1999 of killing Marjorie Nugent, a wealthy 81-year-old widow who became his companion after the death of her husband. Tiede was released in May after a prosecutor agreed he should not have received a life sentence.

The family of Marjorie Nugent believes the claims that Bernie Tiede was abused as a child should not have affected his sentence. They want Tiede's bond revoked and for him to return to prison.

The killing and aftermath in the town of Carthage inspired the movie in which Jack Black played Tiede and Shirley MacLaine took the role of Nugent.
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