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Tulia combats burglaries and thefts through new program

Tulia, TX - After a rise in burglaries Tulia is taking a proactive step to fight crime.

The Tulia Police Department purchased a program called LeadsOnline it allows police to track property transactions, making it harder for criminals to make a profit from burglaries and theft.

The city purchased the program for price that the Tulia Chief of Police, Jeffrey Yarbrough, says is well worth all of the capabilities.

"It allows us to search pawnshops for property, scrap yards eBay and secondhand stores, for property that may have been stolen from the city of Tulia"

The city manager, Andrew Freeman, says LeadsOnline also works in connection with a free online program for residents called ReportIt.
It allows citizens to register valuable items in their home in case of burglary or theft.

"Not a lot of people keep track of their values and serial numbers if you use this free software, you are able to go online and enter the documentation and if something were to happen, all you have to do is hit print and take it to the police department and they can move forward with the LeadsOnline aspect of it, they can search for any possible hits in the database."

The program is used by other law enforcement agencies in the state and the Tulia Chief of Police says he is hopeful it will be adopted by other agencies in the panhandle.

"In the long run, it will allow us to solve many, many property crimes, burglaries and thefts that occur in the city. We have seen the benefits of this program and we think that it would be a great tool for any law enforcement agency."

The Tulia Police Department has also added past property theft reports to the database this will allow police to make follow ups and could lead to arrests on old cases.
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