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Potter County Grand Jury issues indictments for spring shootings

Amarillo, TX -Recent indictments have been issued by the Potter County Grand Jury in a couple of shooting cases that happened this spring.

On March 18, officers responding to Northwest Texas Hospital found themselves in trouble as a woman reportedly revved her engine and drove towards them. An officer shot at the vehicle and injured the passenger of the car in the leg.

"That case has been presented to the grand jury and the grand jury has no billed the officer in regard to any criminal wrong doing," said Potter County District Attorney Randall Sims. However, the driver of the car, Leighann Griffin, landed an indictment for assaulting a public servant.

On April 9, a bar brawl at Smokey Joe's on 6th Street resulted in another shooting. Police said Mitchell Voigt assaulted a man by knocking him down and then repeatedly struck him in the face. According to police, the victim of the assault fired a weapon in self defense.

"Mitchell Keith Voigt has been indicted for aggravated assault by the grand jury. The grand jury no billed the victim of that offense who responded by firing a shot and hitting the man who was on top of him," said Sims.

The grand jury also dismissed a cold case from 1987 that accused Horace and Rosie Green of murdering their foster child, Arthur Campbell inside their northwest Amarillo home. Sims said they can no longer use their three key witnesses because one won't cooperate, one lost their memory from illness and another can't be found. "Because we now have the three witnesses we needed unavailable to us to be able to proceed, we have dismissed the Horace and Rosie Green murder cases," said Sims.

Sims said there is still a chance the murder case could go to court if circumstances involving the witnesses change.
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