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Texas has the highest rate of uninsured people without health coverage in the nation

Amarillo, TX - With Texas having the highest rate of people without health coverage in the nation, Congressman Mac Thornberry says adjustments need to be made with Obamacare.

About 1 in 6 Americans are uninsured.

A nationwide study was released showing some health insurance estimates in our area, with young men facing the steepest increases paying on average 74 percent more for their health insurance this year than last year.

Over 50 million Americans are without health insurance and Texas leads with the most uninsured people.

"It's reflective somewhat of our population, lots of people moving to Texas, some from other states, obviously some people receives a fair number of illegal immigrants as well from the south but in addition to that, this the data reflects how relatively younger workforce in Texas has to pay higher and higher premiums so that's my point when premiums go up this much it's going to be harder to get these folks insurance just because of the cost," says Congressman Mac Thornberry.

Doctor Rodney Young from Texas Tech School of Medicine in Amarillo says one of the reasons insurance rates are up is because each state bases their rates on the number of uninsured patients.

"The hospital has to admit the patient and treat them even though the patient is unable to pay, the hospital still has to be able to pay it's bills so all of those expenses are added to the care of everyone else including all those who are insured and that causes health care cost to rise for everyone," says Dr. Young.

So we asked what adjustments need to be made in order for there to be lower insurance rates and more people in our area signed up.

"Well there's lots of ideas, you know one idea of course is to get rid of it and start over and another idea is to try to make some changes to moderate some of the impact that it's having on people but that's going to be hard to do with President Obama in office and I think the other key point to make is this is just the first year, this is just the beginning, it's going to get worse, it's not going to get better," says Congressman Thornberry.

Right now Obamacare has increased the cost of 2014 individual healthcare premiums by 49% nationally.
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