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Alzheimer Diagnosis Rates Increase

Amarillo, TX - Alzheimer diagnosis rates are rising in our area.

According to Interim Home Care and Hospice, an increase in the diagnosis rate has lead to the start of a memory program to specialize nurses to better work with Alzheimer patients.

With the baby boomer generation getting older, an increase in the amount of people diagnosed with the deadly disease is reaching an all time high.

Jelaine Workman, Interim Home Care and Hospice Volunteer and Coordinator, said the increase is not only in older people but also in patients as young as 45 and 50.

The diagnosis of younger patients is something doctors said is still a mystery in determining a cause.

However, Workman said a study has shown a certain group of people might be more susceptible to the disease.

Although the cause for Alzheimer's is unknown, Interim said it has seen a trend in patients who were extremely intelligent.

Workman also said it is important for family members to be knowledgeable of the disease if a loved one has been diagnosed, especially young adults taking care of their parents.  

She said they need to understand that it is imperative to find a way to prevent the disease so it will not impact families as well.

Even the smallest child can be affected when dealing with a person who has Alzheimer's. 

Although medications have been made to slow down the impact of Alzheimer's, researchers are still looking to find a cure for this deadly disease.

Doctors suggest people who know someone with Alzheimer's to be patient during struggles with this disease.

Although Alzheimer's has a great impact on the person diagnosed, it is important for people to understand families are greatly impacted as well.

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