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Police warn residents of tree trimming scam

Amarillo, TX - The Amarillo Police Department warns residents to be cautious of a tree trimming and spraying scam.

Police say to check someone out thoroughly before hiring them for tree or pesticide services.

Asking an individual about his or her licensing can help you identify someone who could overcharge, apply substandard product, or leave with your payment.

Police say these scammers most often target senior citizens. Before selling services door to door, the salesman must obtain a permit from the Amarillo Police Department. They must then carry the eight-and-a-half by ten inch blue permit with them.

Those offering commercial spraying must operate under a permit issued by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Also, you can research the company on the Better Business Bureau website. A search on the Internet can likewise help you decide whether the company is trustworthy.

Police urge residents not to wait until after they are scammed to review a company's record.

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