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Local Group Petitions For Alcohol Sales In Potter County Stores

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo citizens are petitioning for areas of Potter County to be able to sell alcohol.

A Special Purpose Political Action Group is looking for signatures to push for the sale of alcohol in current Potter County boundaries to help even the playing field for all businesses in town.

A group of citizens announced the formation of the "Potter County Committee for Economic Growth" to ask voters to support limited alcohol sales in these boundaries.

Bryan Poff, the petition organizer, said a lot of people think that all of Amarillo is wet, when in reality there are parts of Amarillo that are dry.

He said the reason is due to the expansion of the city westward, which is toward the dry part of Potter County. 

Justice of the Peace Precinct #3, which includes the western part of Amarillo and areas north of the city, approved alcohol sales in restaurants in 2006 but not for sale in grocery or convenience stores.

The committee is going door to door asking for people who are Justice Precinct #3 voters to help support the cause.

The committee will need to gather about 2500 signatures based on the numbers the county gave.

However, Poff said the committee is aiming for 2700 signatures that must be in place by July 11.

Once these signatures have been collected, an election could take place in November.  

The committee said it hopes by allowing the legal sale of beer and wine in stores, businesses will profit by gaining more revenue.

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