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Water Waster Report: puddle problems

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Some viewers have spotted some puddles around town, but they are not the result of rain.  

This week, we received several photos of water running into the street, puddling up and going to waste.  

Some photos taken at the Westgate Mall show exactly this issue, water streaming out of a valve on the side of the building.  But, it's a problem Brian Giffin, the General Manger says may have been a result of a prank. 

"It look's like someone probably was bored and decided to turn one on. They have to have a special tool to do that, or maybe pliers," he said. 

It's an issue Giffin said the mall will be sure to look out for, especially now that they are aware of the situation.  

"We have security here 24 hours a day that constantly patrol and look for issues that need attention," he told us. 

But puddles in the parking lot are not only caused from running or leaking valves at the mall. In some cases Giffin says they are caused on purpose. Following standard protocol, sometimes the mall has to let some water out, in order to make repairs to their indoor sprinkler system.  

"We do what we call a drain down, which is when we let the water drain out of the lines and that drains out into the parking lot. So sometimes you'll see water draining out there when we are doing this kind of work," Giffin explained. 

However that is not the situation at the Arbors Nursing Facility.  

Rather, they say their puddles, seen in a photo we were emailed,  are  a result of their automatic sprinkler system. It's something the manger says the company is looking in to, to make sure puddling in the parking lot does not happen again.  

But it's not just puddles that caught our attention this week.

We also received a photo showing a broken sprinkler head outside of Gene Messer Ford. When we reached out, the company was glad to know about the issue and said it had already been resolved.  

If you see a business wasting water let us know. As always, keep sending us your photos to waterwasters@newschannel10.com

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10 

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