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Amarillo Animal Control is Looking into the Idea of Pet Registration

Amarillo, TX -The Amarillo Animal Control board is talking about a variety of ways to make their facility better and keep animals safe. One of which is a pet registration program.

Interim Director for Animal Control, Scott McDonald says the idea first came to them from Amarillo residents in one of their recent public meetings The way the registration program works is similar to how pets get their rabies vaccinations. "They would have a tag and an ID number, so we would know who that animal belongs to and ultimately we could reunite them to their owner," said McDonald.

And although this is something that can be very helpful to keep pets safe, some pet owners are a little concerned over how much something like this would cost. Stephanie Laners has two dogs and three cats and is hoping the cost is reasonable."If it was a small fee, I'd probably pay it. I would have to be less than 100 because money doesn't grow on trees," said Laners.

Right now the board is talking about how much it would be to register a pet. "The city of Amarillo does everything that it can to keep cost at a minimum," said McDonald. They are even looking at other cities in Texas for ideas of how to make this work in Amarillo. "We most certainly would look at best management practices throughout the state of Texas, what programs work well, and what it is that would benefit our citizens," said McDonald.

Which makes the owner of Amarillo Lodge, Michelle Knevelbaard hopeful. "I hope that they can come up with a way to better run animal Control for our city as well as help educate our citizens on pet responsibility and ownership without implementing large amounts of money on our citizens," said Knevelbaard.

And even though the pet registration is only being talked about, McDonald says it will most likely happen in coming months. The city council will have the over all say on this.A draft ordinance would be presented and the city council would discuss this twice before voting. But it is still unclear what the money would be used for.
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