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Possible changes to alcohol regulation in Canyon

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Canyon, TX - An effort is underway to put the sale and purchase of alcohol in Canyon on the November ballet.

The City of Canyon received two applications for local option election petitions from a group called The Ca$h for Canyon Committee.

One application is a petition for the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants and the second is for the legal sale of beer and wine at grocery and convenience stores.

The city manger, Randy Criswell, says it is important for residents to understand what the potential changes would me to Canyon.

"Neither of these two options allow for bar or night clubs or anything like that, liquor stores, packaged stores, neither of these two options legalizes any of that stuff".

The Ca$h for Canyon Committee" is a group 10 Canyon resident who are backed by an agency out of Austin.

A committee member, Winston Stahlacker, says the purchase and sale of alcohol would be a good thing for Canyon.

"A lot of people from Canyon go to Amarillo to buy there beer and wine. And they go up there if they want a beer or a wine with their meal from a restaurant. We think that the revenue should just stay in Canyon."

Crisswell says the group has until July 18th to get a little over a thousand signatures for this issue to make the Canyon November ballet.

"Canyon is a very unique place and people are going to have to decide whether or not this makes Canyon a better place or not and go cast you're vote".

There has not been anything on the ballet for the sale or purchase of alcohol since the 1970's.