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Pantex Officials are Looking Forward to Big Savings this Farm will Bring to the Plant

Amarillo, TX - After only 10 months, the Pantex renewable energy project is finished.    

Pantex officials and other organizations gathered to turn on the last turbine in this five-turbine wind farm, which is the largest federally owned wind farm in the United States. 

President and general manager for B&W Pantex, John Woolery says the completion of this wind farm, the plant will generate an annual total of $2.8 Million in electricity.

"That will provide approximately 60% of the power for the Pantex plant, where we assemble and disassemble nuclear weapons for our country," said Woolery. 

Which is important, especially for the plant's budget.

General Frank Klotz, Administrator of the NNSA says having the wind farm will reduce the cost of operations for the plant.  

"Which is extraordinarily important across our entire enterprise given the pressures that's on the federal budget, so any way we can reduce cost of operations through energy savings is a win win for us," said Klotz. 

And another win win situation  is lowering the amount of tax dollars spent on electricity.
"If we can get it from the wind, a renewable energy source, then we save money ultimately for the tax payers because they aren't paying for the energy we're getting from the wind turbines," said Woolery. 

And Pantex is also interested in working with Texas Tech University to open a wind energy research center at the plant.  

"We would look at these turbines and see how they perform, what type of preventative maintenance they would require over time, and how to make them more efficient and so that they can generate more electricity and more power for the Pantex plant and for our nation," said Woolery.

In addition to the possibility of the wind energy research center, Pantex employees would move from their World War Facility to this research center provided by Texas Tech University.  
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