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Snack Pak 4 Kids needs help purchasing a permanent home

Amarillo, TX - A growing organization that feeds thousands of children in our area has finally put down some roots, but they need your help.

After five moves in just four years, Snack Pak 4 Kids is trying to buy a permanent warehouse. They found the perfect building in the San Jacinto neighborhood, but they need help covering the cost.

For the past few years, Snack Pak has temporarily occupied four different warehouses around Amarillo. But for an organization that continues to expand across the Panhandle and across the state, a temporary facility was not enough. That's why they found a warehouse at 2406 SW 3rd Avenue to call home.

"I think the thing that this offers is a home and fixture in our community," said Snack Pak 4 Kids Executive Director Dyron Howell. "When you go from serving 10 children to 5,200 kids in 30 communities, you need to have roots and you need to have an identity. So this facility gives us the ability to have that identity, to have roots in our community and it also gives us the ability to serve many more kids."

Buying the warehouse and making renovations to fit their operation comes with a $750,000 price tag. This week the organization launched a capital campaign to cover the cost so they can use the facility for many years to come.

"The High Plains Christian Ministries Foundation gave us a $100,000 matching grant. So right now, any dollar that we receive will be matched by this foundation. So it's a dollar for dollar match," said Howell.

That's not the only grant available. "If we raise $240,000 by July 8, then a foundation in Tulsa has agreed to look at our grant application for an additional $100,000," added Howell.

The non-profit is facing a tight deadline and must have all the funds raised by November 1. As of Friday, they had about $175,000.

To donate to Snack Pak 4 Kids, visit their website at

Madison Alewel
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