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WTAMU expands to new home downtown

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As enrollment at West Texas A&M continues to climb, the university is finding more ways to expand.

WT will have a new spot in downtown Amarillo to house more students and add more classes.

The Vice President for Institutional Advancement says last year WT saw one of their biggest years for enrollment.

"We have been growing at a pretty steady pace. About 2 or 3 percent a year since 2008 and that has been really nice, but last year we saw a significant jump to about 5-percent and this year we are anticipating another 5 or 6-percent".

Right now WT has classes in the chase building downtown, but they will be moving a few blocks over to the commerce building.

The AEDC purchased the building for 3.1 million dollars.

"We are going from about 50 thousand square feet at the chase tower to 100 thousand square feet in the commerce building. So we are very excited about the chance to have what this new facility offer to us and to the students of the region. We are going to be able to consolidate and bring together a lot of the services we already offer in Amarillo but are  scattered around."

The downtown campus will be geared to appeal to a certain type of student.

"We have a lot of graduate programs in Amarillo, so a lot of folks that have their graduate degree, that were working, but would like to earn a graduate degree to improve their skills and improve their market ability would be ideal fits for the Amarillo campus."

Weaver says the downtown campus will also be an option for Amarillo College graduates who want to continue their education.

"And we certainly work well with our partners at Amarillo College with things that they are doing well and that they are expanding ... and that are supportive of the local economy. We want to be able to add that next layer to that upper division, that bachelor degree component to that."