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Overgrown Weeds can be Dangerous to Drivers and Homes

Amarillo, TX - The weeds have started growing around our roadways and along our houses thanks to all of the moisture we've had. 

But TxDOT officials are making sure it doesn't get out of hand.  

Spokesmen for TxDOT, Paul Braun says when the weather is alright crews are out in all 17 counties taking care of the weeds. 

TxDOT spends $1.25 million on contracted mowers to mow the weeds. 

"We do this around this time of year. We do it in the early spring and we do it in the fall again, trying to keep control of the weeds as best we can.," said Braun. 

Because TxDOT's main concern is making sure drivers on the road aren't blocked by weeds.  

"And our crews are ready to go out there where they're needed to do a safety mowing so that the traveling public can actually see around intersections," said Braun. 

Along with TxDOT, Richard Lake with the Potter County Fire Department is also showing some concern. 

We have a few windy days, it starts to get hot, the humidity drops and the next thing you know those fields are dry enough to ignite and burn," said Lake.

Which is why it is not safe to have them overgrown around your home or any type of structure.  

"They become very dangerous because the thicker they are, the hotter and the more  fiercely they'll burn," said Lake.

Fire officials recommend to keep a 50 feet clear area around your home.

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