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Suspect dies in police custody

Autopsy results show how a suspect died in police custody

Amarillo, TX - There is new information on how a man died while he was in Amarillo police custody early Wednesday morning.

According to police, autopsy results indicate that 36-year-old Jeremiah Farris died from complications from Methamphetamine ingestion.  

The incident started at a parking lot off 15th Ave and Harrison Street where officers saw a Farris sitting in a pick up. 

Police officials thought this was suspicious because it was so early in the morning. 

Lieutenant Erick Bohannon with Amarillo Special Crimes Unit says officers attempted to make contact with the man. 

"He then jumped into a white Chevy Camaro and took off at a very high rate of speed," said Bohannon. 

There was no pursuit because of how fast Farris was going.

"Luckily we were able to get a license plate number off the car. We ran it and got a name and possible address, so we headed in that direction," said Bohannon. 

Officers were patrolling the area of where they thought Farris may live. 

According to police, the Camaro was then spotted at 38th and Washington, but Camaro took off towards Amarillo Blvd. 

At this point, officers across the city knew the description of the car. An officer on the North side of town spotted the Camaro out front of Cattlemen's Cafe off Amarillo Blvd. 

Farris was then confronted by police as he was coming out of Cattlemen's Cafe, but then took off on foot. He was later found in a backyard of a house off Northeast 9th Ave. 

"There was no true fight or altercation at the time, it was one of those deals where he was just handcuffed and escorted back to the police car," said Bohannon. 

While Farris was in the police car, paramedics who were in the area checked him out. 

"As they were talking to the suspect, he then became unresponsive," said Bohannon. 

Farris was immediately taken out of the car and AMS tried to revive him. He was then declared dead at the scene.
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