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New commercial calls for renaming of NFL team

New commercial calls for renaming of NFL team

San Antonio, TX - Despite the Spurs extending control of the NBA finals after taking game 3 from the Miami Heat, a different group of people took center stage during Tuesday night's game.     

It was the commercial seen across the nation that stole the spotlight during Tuesday's night's game 3 of the NBA championship series. The words "proud," "forgotten," and "Indian" flashed across TV screens along with photography that highlighted different costumes and tribal names, but it's what words were heard and seen at the end of the commercial that are catching so much attention.

The end of the commercial stated that Native Americans call themselves many things, but there's one thing they don't, going on to state that the term "Redskins" is just as offense as the "N" word for other ethnicities. This all comes from a series of professional teams being asked to change their team names.  

A tribal chairman says it's time for the Washington Redskins to get a new name. Earlier this year, the Cleveland Indians announced they were keeping their mascot, Chief Wahoo, but were making him a secondary logo to the letter 'C'. Washington's owner has also insisted that he is being respectful to Native Americans and vows never to change the name despite constant protests.  
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