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Preventing drug use among teenagers

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Amarillo, TX - To help prevent drug use among teenagers over the summer, "Impact Teens" is providing education and activities to teenagers.

Tuesday over 20 teenagers gathered at Cadillac Ranch to paint messages encouraging people to live above the influence.

The group focuses on peer to peer training to educate teens about the dangers of drug use.

One mother, Sharron Cannon, involved with the group says awareness is key to preventing drug addiction among teens.

"I didn't learn the dangers until it was too late because I lost my son the 26th of this month last year to synthetic marijuana and I just don't want any other family to have to go through that".

Cannon says being a part of Impact Teens allows her the chance to provide information to teens and their families, that may save a life.

The group meets weekly to provide activities and a safe community for teens throughout the summer.

"Impact Teens" is open to anyone from ages 9 to 18.