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Local Business Receives President's "E" Award

Amarillo, TX- A local business has been named one of 65 companies in the nation to receive the President's "E" award.

Sage Oil Vac of Amarillo has earned this award based on it's national export expansion efforts.

The presidential "E" award committee recognized Sage's innovation in the development of services for the wind industry as well as the company's customization of products for export markets.  

The award also requires four years of export growth.
The company services the wind turbine industry, oversea mining companies and offshore wind industries.

Sage Oil Vac exports to ten different countries, where dealers buy their product to be dispersed to companies across the globe.

 Kevin Baker, Sales Manager at Sage Oil Vac, said exporting to other countries does create U.S.jobs.

The company builds all of their products in town and ships them over seas.
Baker said the profit can help our community and create more jobs in the factory.

Sage Oil Vac manufactures mobile oil change equipment.

It's patented method allows for the exchange of oil to be done quickly, cutting maintenance to one-tenth of the time it would normally take.

Baker said the equipment is designed to change oil and have the piece of equipment running with minimal down time. 

The award recognizes Sage Oil Vac for demonstrating export expansion that is measurable, innovative, sustainable and for having a broad impact.
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