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Amarillo Police have identified two possible felony theft suspects

Amarillo, TX - Last weekend's storm kept local storm chaser, Wesley Luginbhyl busy.  

But in the middle of the storm all of his storm chasing equipment was stolen.  

The incident happened here in this Southwest Amarillo neighborhood, at about 1:30 a.m. as the storm started to make it's way here.
Wesley rushed home to make sure his family was safe during the storm, but left his car unlocked in the driveway.  

"I heard some strange noises outside then I came out to open hatch of my car and noticed equipment was missing," said Luginbhyl.

The thieves took several pieces of equipment like cameras, scanners and lenses. 
"Basically everything I use for storm chasing," said Luginbhly. 

But Sean Slover with Amarillo Police is working on this case. 

"These things were worth several thousands dollars and we'd like to try and help him out and get his property recovered if we can," said Slover. 

But the storm chasing equipment wasn't the only thing that was taken. Police say Wesley's wallet was also gone.  

According to Amarillo Police, the suspects then came to the Walmart off I-27 and Georgia and bought a 50'' TV with Wesley's credit card. 

The APD was able to get photos of the two possible suspects while they were at Walmart.  

Several APD employees recognized the male. 
The female was also identified as a result.  

"I think them getting the pictures out there, it really helpful," said Luginbhyl. 

And Wesley is hoping that he can get his stuff back and storm chase again soon. 
"Being the very unique items that were stolen, I feel like that gives it a better chance," said Luginbhyl. 

This is still an ongoing investigation. No arrest have been made.    
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