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Three suspects are behind bars after an overnight aggravated assault

Genaro Hernan Hernandez Genaro Hernan Hernandez
Gustavo Ferrusquilla Gustavo Ferrusquilla
Amarillo, TX -  Some residents of the Greenways in Amarillo woke up this morning with a DPS helicopter over their neighborhood.

The Amarillo police department was called out to the 7900 block of Pineridge drive where they say three males were breaking into a home through a garage.
The three suspects are now behind bars after an overnight aggravated assault.  

According to police the homeowner woke up when his alarm went off just after 3:15 AM.

"It was real crazy... Nothing ever happens like that." says Don Owen, Greenway resident

That was the reaction of some neighbors.

According to police a homeowner who also happens to be a police officer woke up to his garage alarm going off.  

Police believe the suspects broke into the homeowners vehicle parked outside his home and opened the garage with the garage remote.

The suspects were able to open the garage door when the homeowner came out and started chasing them on foot.

One of the suspects got into a pick up truck who then started to drive away.

The pick up truck jumped the curb and drove about 50 feet until it got stuck right behind the Greenways school.

APD eventually found and detained all suspects.

The pick up driver was Genaro Hernan Hernandez and the other suspect was Gustavo Ferrusquilla who was found in the backyard of a nearby vacant home armed.  

Officers found the third suspect Robert Ramos later on NE 17th street. 

Pat Warner has lived in the neighborhood for ten years and says something like this has never happened. 

"It's a great neighborhood, a lot of older people live along here, some widow women, and what have you and it's just a quiet no parties, none, it's just a quiet neighborhood and the people are friendly." says Pat Warner.

Neighbors say they have always felt safe, especially having a police officer and a retired DPS officer living on the same block.

"I'm sorry it happen here because now everybody will be a little bit nervous probably for awhile but anyway I'm glad that it's under control." says Warner.

All three men have been booked into the in the Randall County jail.  

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