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Hail damage assessment throughout the city

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Amarillo, TX - After last night's storm, some damage has been reported throughout the city.

Although most body repair shops have said no significant hail damage has been reported on cars, J-Ferg Roofing said the damage from last nights storm has kept them busy.

The company said most of its reports of damage have come from southern  parts of Amarillo and the area between Amarillo and Canyon.
Damage is varied due to the size of hail.  

Matt McClure, General Manager at J-Ferg Roofing and Foam said he found mainly golf-ball sized hail all over some roofs in need of repair.

He said in some cases, tennis ball sized hail was evident as well.

McClure said the hail made fractures through the roof shingles, which can cause an immediate leak.

Insurance companies said not many damage claims have been made throughout the city, but they could possibly be seeing some within the next week.

Due to the possibility of severe weather this weekend, insurance agencies suggest waiting to file a claim.