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Hereford Airport approved for state funding grant

Amarillo, TX - More improvements are coming to an area airport.

TxDOT has approved a $655,000 state funding grant that will go towards finding the right engineer and designer to plan what will eventually be used as an emergency landing spot for bigger planes.

Then another $7,000,000 will be granted for the construction.  

"And make it capable of handling a 737, the same plane that flies for Southwest Airlines." says Bob Josserand, Mayor of Hereford

The Hereford Municipal Airport is fixing it's taxi ways and parking lot to better fit bigger planes.  

City Manager of Hereford says with the new changes it will be more convenient for corporate planes to land.

"Sometimes they have to divert to Amarillo or Clovis because you know, it's not large enough. Our run way is large enough but our taxi ways are not strong enough to handle the extremely large aircraft, now we can handle everything from the 737 down." says Rick Hannah, City Manager of Hereford.

There were two phases: the first one took place a few years ago adding a brand new 6100 feet long runway.

And now with the Federal Aviation Administration Funds, phase two will soon begin.  

"Completion of the taxi ways and the parking lot and the aprons around the terminal," says the city manager.

The total amount for all the improvements is $17,000,000.

This is the most money the city has ever received for their airport.  

The Mayor of Hereford says it's because the airport will eventually be used as an emergency landing spot.

"Emergency fields that planes could land on in case something happen to Amarillo. Let's just say that a tornado came through Amarillo and totally destroyed the airport and some place was needed for the planes to land and so they could come here and land." says the mayor.

Project costs for the improvements are to be funded through the City of Hereford and TxDOT's aviation facilities grant program.

Construction is expected to begin next summer.  

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