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Amarillo Police Internal Affairs conducting missing evidence investigation

Amarillo, TX - The Amarillo Police Department is conducting an internal investigation that will be presented to the Randall County District Attorney. 
According to reports APD officers executed a search warrant in the 4200 block of south Polk where they found 10 prescription pills of the drug Xanax.
The pills were shortly unaccounted for and could not be found after searching all officers and their vehicles.
Police say they have been investigating the matter and will present the case to the Randall County DA for consideration.
The officers placed on administrative leave are now back on duty.
One officer, Dewayne Griffin has resigned during this investigation.

From the Amarillo Police Department
Chief Robert Taylor/Sgt. Brent Barbee, Crime Prevention Unit

DETAILS: Last week, officers of the Amarillo PD executed a search warrant at 4207 S. Polk. During a search of the house some contraband was discovered that appeared to be 10 pills of the prescription drug Xanax.

A short time later when all evidence was being collected and cataloged it was discovered that the pills were missing. The officers immediately conducted a detailed search of each other, the entire premises, all patrol vehicles, and contacted a lieutenant to come to the scene. The Lieutenant conducted a thorough search again of all officers, vehicles, the premises and started an investigation into the matter.The missing pills were not found.

All officers involved in the raid were immediately placed on administrative leave. Internal Affairs was notified and also started an investigation into the matter.

One officer, Dewayne Griffin, resigned during this investigation. He denies any involvement in the missing pills. The matter will be presented to the Randall County District Attorney’s office for consideration.
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