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Grasshoppers take over New Mexico

Grasshoppers take over New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque continues to gain national attention, but it's not for their law enforcement troubles. New Mexico's grasshopper invasion has kept Albuquerque in the national spotlight.  

According to experts, there has not been this many bugs hopping around there in more than two decades. It's gotten so bad that the swarms of insects are even showing up on weather radar.

Although there are no reports of crop damage, some home gardens are being shredded. Experts also say they are mostly harmless and will not destroy homes or pets and will not spread disease. Some workers from the zoo reported that birds and several other animals at the zoo are actually feasting on the insects.  

Experts say pesticides are not that effective against this many grasshoppers, but they did joke about people in certain parts of the world eating grasshoppers so they recommend that, or just taking a deep breath and being patient. They are hopeful the hoppers will make their way out, but are working on other ways to get them out as well.  
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