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Water Waster Report: wild winds and blowing water at the Amarillo Zoo

In an area where conserving water is necessary, it can be unsettling to see the city of Amarillo wasting it.  

With 64 parks in Amarillo, keeping track of all the sprinklers can be quite the ordeal.

Which is why when we received a video from a viewer of wild water at the zoo, we knew we had to talk to the city about it.  

"I saw that same video," said city spokeswoman Sonja Gross. "The city of Amarillo takes water conservation very seriously, especially with our parks," she told us. 

In this particular video, you can hear the high winds and see the water blowing out of control. But, this is the panhandle where the winds always seem to pass on through.  

"Of course in this one instance, the wind won that battle. You're not going to be able to fight the wind all the time, but we do take great efforts to conserve water when and where we can," Gross said.

Some of those efforts include using drought tolerant plants, installing sensors on sprinklers and upgrading to subsurface irrigation systems. The video also shows the city watering late at night, another way they try to keep water from quickly evaporating in the mid-day heat. 

"We've been working really hard throughout the years, as budget allows, to do different conservation measures," Gross said. However, she did add that incorporating those measures can be costly and time consuming. But, it's worth it, she said. 

The city was not the only one with water woes this week. 

We received a photo showing a broken sprinkler head at Walmart near I-27 and Georgia. A second photo from this location shows the shooting stream puddling up in the parking lot.

When we called, the manager was unaware of the issue but said the company would look into fixing it. 

We also received several photos of broken sprinkler heads at Wendy's, near I-40 and Ross and at Taco Bell, near I-40 and Western.

When we reached out, both managers were glad to be informed about the issue and told us they would work towards making improvements.  

If you happen to see a business wasting water, let us know. Take a picture and send it to us at waterwasters@newschannel10.com

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10 
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