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Tex Randall Renovation Project Update

Canyon, TX - Plans for a face lift for a well known Canyon icon have been in the works for around 4 years.

We caught up with the city of Canyon to see where the renovation process for Tex Randall stands.

Tex Randall is the tattered cowboy standing over highway 60 in canyon.

Keith Brown with the Canyon Main Street Program says there are still a few hold ups before any visible changes will be seen.

"Seeing that huge cowboy when you are driving just grin at you, that is just different, it is just so iconic."

Last year the city of canyon received $275-thousand dollars from TxDOT to renovate the property and make it a rest stop.

The TxDOT dollars will go towards landscaping the property and building a tourist center and a bathroom, but more is still needed to get the project going.

"TxDOT that is a state process so that take a little bit of time with the bidding process and all of that. But we want to be done with our part by December 31st so they can get started with all of that. We have raised right at $100,000 dollars and we want to raise another $100,000 dollars.

Money that one Canyon resident, Christian Holloway, says may not be well spent.

"That seems like a lot of money to renovate just a statue, I don't know if it would just be worth while to slap a coat of paint on him. But there are other projects in Canyon that need attending to."

Brown says he is fully confident they will reach their goal by the end of the year.

"I think that by having that endorsement from that group that it going to make it much easier to finish up this last part of the project"

and some Canyonites like Josh Rogers are hopeful they will see the  
renovations soon saying "Canyon won't be the same without Tex

"It just says Texas ... This is texas ... we do things big and it would just be really a tragedy if this got torn down or not renovated at all"

Various fundraisers have been planned to help come up with the rest of the money that Tex will need for a face lift.
Once the money is raised we can expect renovations to start soon 

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