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Chair of the Amarillo Animal Control Board Addresses City Council

Amarillo, TX - The Amarillo Animal Control euthanasia investigation started April 11th.

Tuesday the president of the board addressed the city council about what they feel is a lack of action and accountability by the city.

Chair of the Animal Control board Sonny Hodge Campbell said these have been trying and challenging times and the criminal investigation into illegal euthanasia practices remains in the hands of a Randall County Grand Jury.

She also said that responsibility doesn't land solely in the hands of former director Mike Mcgee and assistant Shannon Barlow, specifically, asking where the Deputy City Manager was in all of this as the supervisory authority of the shelter and asking how could what they consider illegal activity go on for so long if the city was monitoring the shelter properly.

Campbell said checks and balances start with the council and mayor as elected officials and wanted to know whether the internal investigation had started.

The mayor was unable to answer that under open agenda law.

Council member Brian Eades did speak at the very end agreed with Campbell saying the council and city is responsible for what has happened at that shelter.

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