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World's first pressed engineered wood alternative comes to Stratford

Stratford, TX - The world's first ever pressed engineered wood alternative company has come to Stratford. 

The Panhandle is gaining a new innovative production company using corn stover biomass, or the trash left over after corn harvesting to launch its own renewable building material.

Lane Segerstrom, CEO of Corn Board Manufacturing inc, grew up on a farm in Iowa where he developed and invented a few products.

Today, he finds himself in Stratford, Texas, gathering corn harvest trash.

He says the reason he picked Stratford  was because they are a Texas based company that is out of Dallas and developing our technology and the counties up here in the Panhandle have some of the most concentrated corn in Texas.

When the Sherman County development committee heard of the innovation, it jumped at the opportunity to welcome the company to town.

Segerstrom says he has written the book on how to compress the corn husk and leaves into a board and says the environmental advantages of the product could be significant.

The company has also introduced its first consumer product, a line of longboard skateboards under its "Stalk It" brand that has a 100 percent corn board core.

The company has also produced skateboards, surfboards and even race car shells.

Corn board will also cause an increase in jobs in rural areas with its expansion. 
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