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The Panhandle's Sun is Causing a Rise in Skin Cancer

Amarillo, TX - It's common knowledge to put on enough sunscreen while in the sun. Texas Tech Health and Science Center Professor of Oncology, Subhasis Misra says it must be applied every two hours when in the sun.

But despite this, he is worried about skin cases he has seen. "Unfortunately we have a high incidents of invasive skin cancer," said Misra.

And more specifically Melanoma. "There's a high death rate from Melanoma in the Potter and Randall County compared to the rest of the state," said Misra.

And there are many factors that play into this increase in the Panhandle. "One of the reasons is we have a big Caucasian population here," said Misra.

We also have several jobs in the Panhandle that are outside. Dr. Misrs says another big issue is tanning beds in Amarillo. "I was surprised that Amarillo has over 25 tanning salons despite the tremendous amount of day light that we get here," said Misra.

But there are ways to enjoy the sun whiling keeping your skin safe. "One prevention is trying to cover up as much as you can with your clothing and it's very important to use sun blocks," said Misra.

Dr. Misra also advised that is there is a freckle or mole about a quarter of an inch longer, to have it looked at by your doctor.
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