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"Moohlah Mystery" craze hits Austin

"Moohlah Mystery" craze hits Austin

Austin, TX - Austin, Texas is going money crazy over a scavenger hunt modeled after the hidden cash game that's taking over Twitter.  

The same event that’s taken southern California by storm seems to be growing in the Texas capital as an anonymous person is giving away cash by the handful and leaving clues on Twitter.  

"Moolah Mystery" launched its money mission to spread the wealth just on Tuesday, after reportedly working on a development strategy for two years. But it's not millionaires who are giving out these cash surprises, it's just average, hard-working people who enjoyed the feeling of giving.  

The founders plan to keep these random acts of kindness going, but they are also hoping that it will catch on and people will do this throughout the country and not just in Austin.
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