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Scam Alert

Amarillo, TX - A local resident has lost 1,000 dollars to a telephone scam posing as the Attorney General's Office.
A local woman's search for online loans led to over three dozen unknown phone calls on the same day.

One of those calls turned out to be a scammer posing as the Texas Attorney General's Office who asked the woman if she had an attorney. When the woman said no, he told her she had to pay 1,000 dollars to avoid going to jail.
"It always seems like they invoke the word fraud or there is a fraud investigation or something or a failure to pay a debt. And they get people to go buy money cards and wire their money so that they beat people out of this money," says Sergeant Brent Barbee, Amarillo Police Department.
The scammer then called again claiming to be a local sheriff's office, demanding more money. The woman then became suspicious and called the Amarillo Police Department.

Investigators have found other reports of this type of fraud.

If you think you may have been a victim to an online loan scam you can file a report with the Texas Attorney General's Office.

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