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Portales student wins trip to Dallas

Amarillo, TX -- One Portales student won a trip to Dallas because he had perfect attendance all school year.

Kevon  Brent attends Portales Junior High School.

The program awarding Kevon with his grand prize was the ACT program, which is an acronym for Abolish Chronic Truancy-- a district program for Curry and Roosevelt counties used to  influence their students to stay in school with perfect attendance.

"Don't miss school." says Kevon Brent, Portales Jr. High student

That's the attitude that won Kevon Brent the all expense paid trip to Dallas.

"He's a great kid and we're really proud of him and we are proud that he had perfect attendance." says Andrea Reeb, DA for Curry and Roosevelt Counties

Kevin found out he was the winner through a local radio announcement his mom overheard.  

"Yeah, I didn't believe her, I thought she was just trying to get me out of bed." says Kevon Brent

It's a 3 day Dallas trip that includes tickets to Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, a Texas Rangers game and $500 in cash.  

Kevon says sometimes it's a challenge waking up early for school.

"When my brother tries to wake me up, I try to kick him away, I don't want to wake up in the mornings." says Kevin

The ACT program has been going on for 7 years, each year the number of perfect attendance students has increased, the program consist of 2 counties,  and 29 schools.

Last year there were 21 perfect attendance students, this year there are 500.
"Sashqwatch" is the ACT programs mascot whose main role is to tackle kids who don't go to school.

"If you're skipping school or ditching school, sashquatch is watching and he gets you back into school." says the Andrea Reeb, the DA

This is actually Kevon's second time winning a perfect attendance award.  

The first time he was in the 2nd grade and he won a bike.  

The ACT program is funded by local sponsors and community donations.
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