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FDA adds regulations to tanning beds

Amarillo, TX - Many studies claim tanning beds cause skin cancer, and now the Food and Drug Administration is making sure users know potential risks.

New requirements from the FDA means stricter regulation is coming to manufacturers of sunlamp products and those who provide them.

When climbing into a tanning bed, you will soon see more warnings. Some of those include "not recommended for people under 18 years old," "If a frequent user, be regularly screened for skin cancer" and further warnings about dangers from UV radiation exposure.

Dermatologist Dr. Elaine Cook said regulation on sunlamp products has been a long time coming. "We've known for many years that they're instrumental in causing skin cancer, sun damage, and skin aging, so I think they need to be regulated, just like any other device that affects the human body."

Part of the new regulation consists of reclassifying tanning beds from a Class I to a Class II medical device. This stricter classification now requires FDA approval before tanning beds can go on the market.

"Class I is a regulation for things like dental floss and tongue depressors," explained Dr. Cook. "And I do think these tanning bed devices have potential for harm like medical lasers and some of the other things that ought to be Class II. So I do think this is a step forward."

The changes go into effect for new sunlamp products in 90 days. For sunlamps already on the market, warning labels must be placed within the next 15 months.

NewsChannel 10 reached out to many local tanning companies, but no one was available to comment on the new regulations.
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