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A Veteran in Amarillo is raising amputee boxing awareness

Amarillo, TX - Ross Cox is medically retired from the US Army after losing his leg in Afghanistan. 
"I was devastated. I remember being conscious the whole time. So, I knew my foot was gone," said Cox. 

But he didn't want this to set him back. 

"You can get into a big depression form being able to walk and then having to use a prosthetic leg for the rest of your life," said Cox.

But being apart of The National Amputee Boxing Association helped him stay active and get in the ring.

"It's about telling lower limb amputees they can do this. You can't let yourself stop yourself," said Cox.  

And other people in the community think Ross's drive to spread awareness about amputee boxing is inspirational. 

Steve Nicholson, owner of Nick's Fight Club has seen Ross practice every day and he is impressed by what he is doing. 

"I think it's great that he is letting people know that they can get involved and be active and competitive," said Nicholson. 

Which is exactly what he plans to do in the Panhandle. 

"I'm here to raise awareness locally. We're a young organization, we've been around for about a year. We're just trying to bring awareness out about amputee boxing," said Cox. 
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