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Pushpin death raises concerns

Pushpin death raises concerns

Victoria County, TX - A Texas family is fighting for changes after their young child died at school. Only days away from her 6th birthday, a Frisco family changed plans of throwing a birthday party to arranging a funeral for their daughter after she died from swallowing a push pin at school.  

The accident happened five months ago after the little girl ran up to teachers early in the school day grasping her throat, but on the way to the nurse's office, she collapsed in the hall. CPR attempts failed and a nearby oxygen unit malfunctioned.

Now the family asks if only one thing would have gone right, would their daughter still be alive. Police ruled it an accident, but it's not making it any easier on the family.

They have started a petition at Frisco ISD to get pushpins out of kindergarten classrooms and make sure all teachers are CPR certified. They just want things to be changed to prevent a tragedy like this from ever happening again.
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