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Water Waster Wednesday: watering during the storms

We were pleased to see that water usage through out Amarillo actually came down this past week, with all the rain.  
On Tuesday, 34 million gallons were used. It's a much lower amount compared to the nearly 80 million gallons used just a few weeks ago.  
But even with the rain, we still received pictures of some businesses wasting water.  

Our first call today was to the Golden Corral off of I-40.

We were told the issue had already been brought to their attention. They thanked us for our concern and told us the problem was being discussed.

It was a similar situation at Popeye's on Paramount.

They too were caught watering during the rain. The manager we spoke with said their sprinklers are on a set system and happened to turn on. But, they were talking about making some changes. 

We received another photo that looks like a broken sprinkler head in front of United in Canyon. But, when we called over, they told us it was actually on the property of the car wash located directly in front of their building.

A quick phone call later, and the Wash House was made aware of the situation. They told us they will now start to contact people to help fix it. 

We also do have some good news. You may remember us featuring Supercuts near I-40 and Bell. We were sent a picture of a broken sprinkler head.

After Water Wasters aired, we received another photo of crews working to fix the issue.

If you happen to see a business wasting water, let us know.    
Take a picture and email it to us at waterwasters@newschannel10.com

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10. 
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