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Local banks and credit unions working on debit card safeguards

Amarillo, TX - We asked some of our local banks and credit unions what they are working on to prevent you from becoming a victim and we found out at least two new ways.  

In about a month Happy State Bank says customers will be allowed to turn on and off their debit card through their online banking anytime or anywhere throughout the day.  

Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union says you will soon have the option to use your debit card only when your cell phone is nearby. You will be able to set specific parameters that run your particular card that says that if the transaction is done to where the card is beyond a certain distance from your cell phone that it's probably a fraudulent activity.

Some banks and credit unions already warn their customers through text or a phone call if something suspicious pops up on their account.  

Things you can do on a daily basis is always check your online banking account, don't keep your pin number with your debit card, and always know where you debit cards and credit cards are.

If you notice a transaction you did not make on your account, contact you local bank or credit union right away.  

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