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APD continues to investigate fatal crash on north bound Mirror Street

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo police are still searching for a suspect involved with the fatal crash over the weekend.  

We spoke to residents in the area who tell us Mirror street has a lot of speeding issues which may have played a factor on Saturdays wreck.

"Every single day there's people speeding through here." says area resident who did not want to give us her name.

On Saturday afternoon a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a gray truck were reportedly speeding through the Ross and Mirror connector, police believe they may have been racing.

The motorcyclist and his passenger hit the traffic sign head on dragging it about 50 feet until it hit the fence right where police found them and pronounced the driver dead.

The driver of the motorcyclist was 21-year-old Jordan Siesser and his passenger 39-year-old Inez Coronel.  

Inez was taken to a local area hospital with non life threatening injuries, she was released yesterday.  

Residents in the area describe what they saw happen.  

"I saw smoke and that's when I saw ambulances and fire trucks and the police department stopped here with the roads blocked off," says Matt Culpepper, area resident.

"I seen people standing around, and then I seen these two young kids probably in their teens early twenties run by around the corner," says Walter, area resident.

The accident is still under investigation and the Amarillo Police Department is asking anyone with information to come forward.

"We believe that there may have been another vehicle like I said around them at the time, not colliding with them but just around them again, whether they were speeding, racing or just happen to be there... We don't know. And so we are just asking anyone with information to come forward," says Sgt Jerry Neufeld, Amarillo Police Department.

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