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Amarillo Target will soon have a Starbucks and Grocery Market

Amarillo, TX - The Amarillo Target is expanding and bringing along with it more job opportunities.

HR was not able to give us exact numbers on how many positions are open but say right now Target is looking for seasonal remodel and long term team members.  
This expansion of Target will be the first of it's kind in the area.

"What's going on?" says Saundra Thornton, Target customer. That's the question most Target customers are asking.

"We are remodeling for our PFresh" says Keri Cornelison, ETL Guest Experience/Soft Lines, which includes adding a Starbucks and grocery market.  

"We'll have about 90% of what a Super Target has." says Cornelison

Revamping the store started in April and in just three weeks the Starbucks is expected to open. Operating hours will be during Target store hours.  

And the grocery market will have more items too. "More cooler items, bigger selections of cheeses, and milk, lunch meats just basically bigger grocery, all around," says Keri Cornelison.

And if you are wondering why the big tent in the outside parking lot... It's the renovation supplies being stored.  

There is no room in the store because every department in the store has been rearranged and item totals have gone down to make more room for the grocery market.

Right now there is a wall closing off that section for extensive work to be done.

"If they have more merchandise to offer then that's better for us" says Thornton

With the recent credit card breech that happened in December, we were wondering with the expansion happening in our Target store, Does that include adding new credit card technology to continue working on keeping the customers information safe?

Well, we talked to corporate over the phone and they said Target is teaming up with Mastercard to issue branded Target payment cards equipped with chip technology by early next year.  

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