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Former Marine creates "War Beard" business

Former Marine creates "War Beard" business

Alexandria, VA - This Memorial Day, Americans across the country are finding ways to honor those who served, but one former Marine decided to honor his fallen partner by creating a unique business.   

Inspired by his buddy's "War Beard" a former Marine has created a new business to help veterans in need and honor his fallen friend.

Captain Nicholas Karnaze was home when he received news that his close friend was killed in Afghanistan in 2012.

During his grieving, Karnaze decided to grow out his beard for his friend's funeral, who dawned a "War Beard", chalking it up as a "coping mechanism." until he had a crazy idea.

He launched the skin care line "Stubble and 'Stache" which donates 15% of profits to charities working with combat veterans. His intent was to create something that will last and fund everything in his buddy, Sergeant Justin Hansen's name because he never wants people to forget all Hansen did for his country. He introduced two facial products in the past year, and has plans to release two more and also says he will continue to use his company's success to help former servicemen and women.
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