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Fannin Middle School Tuberculosis Update

Amarillo, TX - 37 students have now been exposed to Tuberculosis at Fannin Middle School after one case was confirmed back in March. 

That's according to new test results from the City Health Department. It's important to note that those 37 students are not contagious at this point. But the positive skin tests show that they have been exposed to TB.  

"Those 37 tests have converted  or become positive since the beginning of the investigation which tells us that there was a significant exposure at Fannin Middle School from this first case," Director of Public Health, Matt Richardson told us.  
City health officials say it's a higher number than they expected to see, which is why they have decided to conduct a third round of testing.

On Tuesday all students, staff and teachers who were not previously tested will be tested next week. There is an opt out option for parents who do not want their child to be tested. If this is the case, parents are asked to call the City Health Department to let them know. 

Richardson tells us that the students who have already tested positive are being treated with medication. All of the testing, doctor visits and medicine are being paid for by the Health Department. 

Results from the testing next week should be available by Thursday afternoon. 
Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10 

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