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Tobacco free employee policy triggers backlash

Tobacco free employee policy triggers backlash

Houston, TX - Forcing employee's to be "tobacco free" while on the clock is a bold new measure that officials at a Houston hospital say is vital.   

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is adopting a tobacco free hiring policy, which means if a job applicant smokes and wants a job there, they may not get it.    

Beginning in January, any new hires for the MD Anderson Cancer Center can not use any tobacco. The president of the medical center says a urine test before someone is hired is already required, but starting in 2015, tobacco will be added to the list of prohibited factors of gaining employment.  

It's nothing new to Houston as a different hospital adopted this policy in 2010, while another passed a similar one just last year.

There is some backlash being brought up from some critics who are not in favor of the policy, but officials at this hospital say that current employees will be grandfathered in and can continue to smoke.
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