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A $10,000 surprise

A $10,000 surprise

Crandall, TX -   Despite falling short of the next round of the NBA playoffs, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is giving a big paycheck, but not to one of his players.   

A need to raise money and fast led to a crazy idea that turned into a reality for a struggling North Texas fire department. The Crandall fire department received an unexpected $10,000 check from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban after a fire chief submitted a letter, asking for help to save their station.  

The letter explained how only one fire engine was left of the department after it was forced to sell its other two trucks to pay back fraudulent loans and leaving the community without enough protection, but that financial burden is now less thanks to the NBA heavy hitter.  

The city is now $10,000 closer to reaching their goals and hope to reach it with more auctions and fundraiser's.  According to records, the department raised about $46,000 Saturday, including Cuban's donation.

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