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The Panhandle's blowing dust may have some effects to your home

Amarillo, TX - Both Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning and Scottco have seen an increase in calls for service.

Co-owner of Gary's Heating and Air Conditioning, Paula Ward says many people have calls over their system quitting or not working like it should.

The reason behind this is a dirty filter.  

Scottco maintenance consultant, Dalton Randall says he's seen some very dirty air filter. 

"I know people that haven't had them changed in about 6 months. You can't see through it. You're not getting any benefits from the filters," said Randall. 

Air filters are bound to get dirty, but with the Panhandle's blowing dust, they are getting dirtier quicker than normal.  

"When the weather's like it has been with the blowing dust, we do suggest people to check filters at least once a month to see if they're dirty," said Ward. 

And Randall says air filters need to be changed more often this summer.

Which can be a good thing because having a dirty filter can lead to system failure.  

"A dirty filter can really over-work your system," said Ward. 

But once it's changed homeowners can save big bucks in the upcoming summer months.  

"It helps your system use less energy, which you can see in your bills and have some savings," said Randall. 

The type of filter a homeowner has also determines how often it needs to be changed.  
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